Typically, when you hear of makeup, you automatically think of women. Nonetheless, there have been numerous debates concerning whether it is appropriate for men to wear makeup or not. Some people consider those men who wear makeup be feminine in nature or perhaps morally spoilt.

However, to get the right answer to these concerns, it is better to focus on some facts and the historical context of makeup.

Should Men Wear Makeup?

It is not a bad idea for men to wear makeup. Obviously, just like women, there is nothing wrong with men wearing makeup. Since time in memorial, human beings have had an art of adorning themselves with the evidence of body paint dating back to 50,000 years.

Though body painting was a common feature in the ancient history, it has recently emerged as one of the popular behaviors in the modern history. Looking back into history onwards, both men and women were all known to indulge in body painting. For instance, a few hundred years ago the powerful men in France and Britain were known to wearing powder and rouge. In fact, it was in the 19th century when facial adornment for men slowly started to disappear.

However, in that period, other cosmetic enhancements for men begun to crop up in place of facial adornment. If it is logical for a modern man to comb and sculpt his hair, then what would be wrong for him to make his face a little bit?

Essential Products

Just like women, men also require a variety of products to make the process a success. There is a range of products that you need equip yourself with when preparing to wear makeup. Some of the products that may prove critical to wearing a makeup include the following:

  • 4VOO Silk-enriched shine Reduction Powder
  • MYEGO Matifiant Shine Reduction (Medium)
  • Menaji HDPV Anti-Shine Pudder Light (10 g)
  • Menaji Camo Magnum Concealer Medium (7g)
  • 4VOO Lash and Brow Styling Glaze Clear
  • Menaji Camo Magnum Concealer Medium (7g)
  • MYEGO Eyeliner, 4VOO Lip Maximizing Serum
  • 4VOO Tinted Shimmer
  • And Menaji HDPV Anti-Shine Powder Dark (10 g).


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Tips to Wearing Makeup For Men

1. How to Contour Properly

Highlighting and contouring are two critical techniques that will enhance your best features. Particularly, these two techniques can define your cheekbones, give you a natural glow, even your skin out, and create the illusion of slimy nose.

2. Map Your Face

Start by tracing the temples and if you have a larger forehead, you need to carry straight into your hairline to minimize it. To bring out your cheekbones, locate a hollow part by putting your fingertips on your face’s sides. Place your pigment above the place where you feel it deep underneath your bones.

3. Blending Out

Blending is another step to successful contouring. Tap over the part of the contour color using a damp beautyblender, merging it effectively into your base foundation.

4. Getting Lit

Concentrate your lighter foundation stick underneath the eyes, and if you want to be crazy do it a little bit in the center of your forehead, on the bridge of your nose, and on the chin.

5. Dust It

Brush and dust the entire face with a fluffy brush to remove the loose powder.

6. How to Conceal Redness and Under-Eye Circles

Reducing bags and dark circles is an easy thing that you may not imagine. To do it quickly you need to apply the concealer and then blend away. When buying a concealer, use your inner wrist to test it on the veins and purchase the one that covers them effectively and naturally.

How to Apply Concealer on the Face

  • Use small strokes and apply the concealer under your lower lashes as well as between the inner parts of your nose and eye. After drying halfway, use your fingers to rub it in.
  • Concealing the blemishes requires you to move around the base’s blemish in small strokes while covering the top. Ensure the edges are properly blended.

7. Commit Yourself to a Daily Skincare Routine

It is crucial for men who wear makeup to be committed to the skincare regimen. If you a man and you intend to wear makeup, you ought to be aware of the benefits associated with a cleanser, moisturizer, and toner when used on a daily basis. With a proper skincare routine, you will ensure that your makeup is flawless and does not get tampered with unfavorable conditions.

8. How to Get Soft Lips

Having soft lips is another critical step in wearing makeup. Men who have soft lips are more likely to have more confidence when talking to women or other people who pay a lot of attention to finer things. The easiest way to keep soft lips is by wearing a moisturizing lip balm each day. For the best results, use a balm made of shea and cocoa. Avoid lip balms that contain fragrances, dyes or flavors because they can dry your lips or trigger an irritation reaction.

9. How to Wear Guy Liner

  • Find eyeliner that has a color that is not feminine in nature.
  • Start on the lower lid of your eye and if you have difficulties in keeping your eyes open when prodding using a sharp pencil, you then need to pull at the corner of the eye.
  • Next, you need to finish your bottom lid before continuing to your top lid. Ensure your eye is closed as you continue with the process.
  • Then, blend your lower and top lids into the corner of your eye by dragging the lines out.

10. How to Shape, Trim, and Groom Eyebrows

Wearing makeup is more than putting some ink on your face. To solidify your makeup, you need to trim, shape and groom your eyebrows in an individual design of your choice. To help you have your eyebrows look to the best of your desire, you require a good pair of tweezers, brow gel, and brow pencil.

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