Not all people are aware that the eyebrows can make one handsome or admirable. The manner in which your eyebrows are shaped or colored can determine whether you look beautiful or handsome. In fact, your eyebrows are some of the first things that get noticed easily by the onlookers. Eyebrows give you the expression and can make you look strong or weak. If your eyebrows are strong, they will give you approachability. To help you trim your eyebrows, here are some of the basic tips.


To get started on trimming your eyebrows, you require some basic tools, which include a pair of tweezers and a trimmer.

  • Picking a quality pair of tweezers and trimmer is as important as the trimming process itself.
  • A quality pair of tweezers and trimmer will enable you to go about the process without making mistakes.
  • Additionally, you require an eyebrow stencil of your choice, a white eye pencil and a pair of small sharp scissors.

5 Easy Eyebrow Trimming Steps

1. Brush Hair up Using a Comb

Brushing your hair using a comb is the first step to successful trimming. After brushing the hair, you can remove the hair that is above the shape using a pair of scissors or an eyebrow scissors. Sometimes, this step is undertaken when your eyebrows are not that long.

2. Shaping Eyebrows

  • To begin, take a white eye pencil and anchor its blunt end on the tip of your nose.
  • Next, you need to rotate the pencil such that it makes a line from the tip of your nose, via the center of your iris, straight from your eyebrow. Where the pencil touches the eyebrows is the point at which you need to point the tip of your arch.
  • Next, you need to anchor your pencil again. But this time round you will have to anchor it towards the edge of your nose. Ensure that the eyebrow has begun at the point where it touches your pencil when placed straight.
  • Simply, where the pencil is aligned with the edge of your nose as well as the inner of the eye should be the point where to begin your eyebrow.
  • Applying the same method, you will be required to rotate the pencil such that it makes a 45 degrees angle from the line of the nose. This is the point where your eyebrow should end.

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3. Picking the Right Shape

It is critical to bear in mind that the shape of eyebrow will determine the type of your brow stencil.

  • Rounded arches are ideal for men with thin faces as they make the faces appear round.
  • On the other hand, angled brows are perfect for guys with hooded eyelids or those with mature skin because they create a “lift” impression.
  • Flat brows without any arch are perfect for men with long faces as they make them shorter and balanced.
  • Once you have decided your mind regarding your preferred shape, use water or lip balm to hold your brows down. Finally, position your eyebrow stencil and then fill it in with your white pencil.

4. Tweezing Eyebrows

The primary aim of a tweezing procedure is getting all the hairs that were not colored with your white eyebrow stencil. Keep off from the hairs that appear white at their roots. These are hairs that you tweeze at a later stage when done with those with white roots.

  • It is important not to pluck too much hair from the top of your eyebrows. You only need to pluck from the top in order to tidy the upper line. Normally, pluck the hair the bottom since the top line is a sign of where your natural brow is supposed to be. The top line plucking should be left for professionals.
  • While undertaking the tweezing procedure, ensure that you have a mirror close up. The close up mirror will help you to see clearly the exact hairs that you are tweezing. Similarly, you need to have another mirror at a fairly reasonable distance from you, to help you get a rough idea of the overall shape the brows you are working on.
  • As you continue tweezing, remember to always to have a step back and reflect on your working before advancing. Tweezing eyebrows is a prominent feature and one mistake can lead to disastrous effects.
  • To enhance the tweezing procedure, you need to invest in an ideal brow gel. A brow gel will be a great way to keep the brows going in the same direction. However, it may be extreme for a guy to use a pencil. If you have a salt or pepper hair, you can have the brow gel in a tinted shade in order to conceal the gray brow hairs.

Tip: Get a white tissue and pull the tube off the brow set gel. Then, apply the product onto the attached brush wand and brush it into your brows going upwards to give them a masculine and spiky appearance.

5. Finally

Finally, take your pair of scissors and then cut off any hairs that are not conforming to the shape of your desired brow.


Naturally, even men get their eyebrows grow with time making them to look ugly. Trimming these unpleasant hairs from your eyebrows will make you reclaim your youthful and handsome appearance. For better results, a combination of trimming and removing of the excess hair is ideal for you.

After having groomed your eyebrows, you will be left with a super shinny skin that may make you appear ugly. To avoid this shiny appearance, you need to use a light moisturizer, face powder, or a tinted moisturizer to help eliminate the super shiny skin that appears immediately after grooming.

With these steps, you can trim and maintain your brows in a manner that will leave your appearance admirable and presentable to the onlookers.

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