A jolt of loud noise from your alarm clock or mobile phone startles you every morning. You press the “snooze” button over and over, getting no real relief from your exhaustion. Does this sound familiar?

Many young professionals work relentlessly at stressful jobs all day and need to recharge their bodies while they sleep. If you are waking up to a loud alarm that just annoys you, you will not want to wake up.

You will start your day off in a lousy mood and that will carry on through the rest of your day. Over time, it can also adversely affect your relationships.

Don’t neglect your sleep, improve your mornings!

Waking up does not have to be a stressful time of day. There are amazing products available now that will help you sleep better. Such products will provide you with natural light that enhances your mood. Join the many other health conscious people who have chosen to use a natural light lamp in order to improve their morning happiness.

A natural sleep lamp mimics a gentle sunrise, which encourages your body to come out of a slumber slowly and peacefully.

In a natural setting, your body becomes tired as the sun goes down. That is why you generally sleep when it is dark. As the sun slowly rises, your body knows it is time to wake. The light from a sunrise is a slow tranquil progression, which is positive and energizing.

Beurer’s Wake-Up Light

Products such at Beurer’s Wake-Up Light have become very popular wake-up options among young professionals who have stressful personal lives. If you find yourself getting up to an annoying alarm and drinking numerous cups of coffee just to kick-start your inner engine, you may consider the benefits of using a natural wake up light. Especially for those who live in countries that are known for very little sunlight for months at a time, a wake up light can make a drastic difference in their emotional health. Living in northern countries can be very trying on one’s mood. It is common to become clinically depressed in such environments.

There are winter days where the sun may not even appear on the horizon. During those times, the only indication of daytime is a faint glow off on the horizon. People living in those climates can especially benefit from natural light lamps. By waking up with a natural light, your body has a chance to recognize the mood change in the room. You will wake up to enjoy your cup of coffee rather than need it to get going.

Withings Aura Smart Sleep System


There are wake up light models on the market that will allow you to incorporate music or sound that begins soft and eventually gets louder with the light. Though a little pricier than other models, Withings Aura Smart Sleep System will also analyze your sleep patterns and let you know when the best time to sleep and wake is.

This advanced system actually tracks your movements and sleep patterns. It offers lights and sounds to help you fall asleep, as well as lights and sounds to help you wake up. You can customize sounds such as birds chirping or set a nice piano concerto from Mozart to begin playing as the light starts to glow. This system is truly useful for those who lack a steady sleep pattern or have a sleep disorder. You will sleep better and notice a difference in your energy levels in only a few days.

Sleep is a very important for your general well being. Waking up with a natural light lamp on a regular basis will enable you to wake up more refreshed than ever before. Creating a routine with your sleep lamp will prove to be even more beneficial to your mental health. Experts agree that eating right and exercising will help you sleep better.

Keeping your bedtime rituals will leave you feeling very relaxed, energized and ready to face any conflict or stressful meeting you will encounter at your office. A restful sleep will also alleviate mindless clutter in your head and allow you to focus better. When you are tired and grumpy, you tend to make decisions that may not be the product of the well-rested, focused, power executive you are.

Watch Withings Aura Smart Sleep System in action

If you are ready to take the step and incorporate a natural light lamp into your slumber, there are a few tips that are recommended for a restful night of sleep that coincide with your lamp.

  • Go to sleep at the same time every night if possible.
  • Some natural light lamps can be programmed to produce the same mood as a sunset, which guides you into a relaxing sleep.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or caffeine before sleeping. Both are stimulants that disrupt sleep patterns.

Avoid water right before bed.

If you drink water right before bed, you will only be waking up shortly thereafter to relieve yourself.

Except for the natural light lamp, make sure the room you sleep in is completely dark. Layer window treatments if necessary to provide you with a very dark room.
Remove other electronics from your room if possible. TV, radio, cell phones, computers, and other mobile devices can be distracting and a cause for poor sleep. Limit the use of electronics before bed to start relaxing your mind.

Encourage affection with your partner before sleep.

Encourage affection with your partner before sleep. Affection, sex, and closeness of a partner add to your emotional and physical health, as well as settling you into a very peaceful sleep.
Use fresh air when available. If you live in a climate where you are able to safely leave your windows open, take advantage of it! Fresh cool air while you sleep is extremely healthy and soothing.

Exercise regularly. Your body needs it.

Create a sleep ritual that you do before bed each night.

Your hard work and focus have paid off in your career. You pride yourself in making wise choices with your finances and time management. Eating healthy and exercising regularly are both important parts of balancing your lifestyle. Your relationships are rich and rewarding.

To take it one step further, consider obtaining a useful tool such as a natural light lamp and wake up every morning in the right mood and on the right foot. You will love the benefits.

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